Sunday, November 1, 2009

Beautiful Antique Sofa

This sofa has been reupholstered and refurbished by hand. We are only selling this sofa locally (Tallahassee, FL), so please tell your friends who live in the area to check it out. Thank you for your interest and feel free to contact us with any questions!

Friday, August 14, 2009

This colander ain't gonna strain your potatoes... but, you'll be able to see the dirt rinse off those taters with the light washing through your colander pendant lamp! The options for use are endless.

Hang it over your sink!

Hang it in your bathroom!
Hang it in your laundry room!
Hang it over your craft table!

Buy at Etsy!

Wooden Mulit-Purpose Bowls (set of 4)

This set of 4 beautiful wooden bowls are made by "Tree Spirit". They can hold salad, buttons, loose change, keys, candy, anything you can imagine! Buy at Etsy!

Sailor's Vase

Imagine a sailor on the seas using this vessel to contain his cartography tools to record the happenings on the ship. Now, you can use it to display beautiful flowers, hold your paint brushes, scissors, pens, and rulers! Very handsome gift idea for the gentleman in your life. Buy at Etsy!

Summerland Style

Yet again Etsy has brought more awesomeness to our lives. After looking for a sofa for our home and finding a really beautiful one made by Summerland Style, I connected with it's creator and discovered their awesome website. So, please check it out!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Check it out!

Purpose ReDesign is being featured in the latest before/after section of Design*Sponge! We thank them and hope you go check it out.

Audrey's Rack


Who knew Audrey's Rack could be so stuffed?! You can pad it with magazines, blankets, or wadded up socks! Either way you can pack this rack with just about anything and know that Ms. Hepburn will be keeping a lookout so your delicates will stay under wraps. BUY TODAY!


The Rockin' Chair

This chair rocks.

So, it's the usual story, the rockin' chair partied a little too hard in her prime and needed a trip to rehab. Now, after getting a little "work" done she's back in the spotlight looking better than ever. Only, instead of botox, we used fabric, paint, and a little therapy. If only it were that easy, right?! So, buy her and help her relive the good ole' days. Rock on!



Friday, July 17, 2009

Sparrows Nest

Everyone must check out this awesome blog. They featured Purpose ReDesign on their pages and we thank them! They have an Etsy page too. Very inspiring stuff!

Lucy and Leo Sofa

This sofa was purchased by the gals at Lucy and Leo's Cupcakery in Tallahassee. They wanted an update from the old fabric and wood so they asked us to revive the couch with this fabric they chose. Now, there is a comfy new couch that gets to smell those yummy cupcakes all day! That's one lucky seat!

Commisioned Office Chair

Here is the first commissioned work by Purpose. A client was shopping in Textures Handmade Market and fell in love with our "Le Tour Stool", but needed something for an office. Low and behold the "Le Tour Office Chair" was born. So, don't forget...if there is something you would love, but just need it to fit somewhere specific, we can work with you and make you happy!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Vin de Stockage

Store any petite goodies in this glamorous storage side table. Your bottles of wine, blankets, books, magazines, etc. will look even more impressive in this storage table. The hand-made side table measures as a 21" cube and is very sturdy and strong. It's been painted and covered with fabric and wood trim. The fabric has been treated to prevent staining, but coasters are always a great idea. Purchase this fine multi-purpose table to create more style in your life! BUY HERE!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Cottage Craft Crate

Use this shabby chic chest of drawers to store your craft supplies, as a memory box, or store any special items you want to hide away. The item is about 14"w x 20"h x 14"l. It will rest upon a desk or work station perfectly. Buy it HERE.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tutu Chair

Any tiny dancer will beg to rest their toes on this Tutu Chair. It's been reupholstered, hand-stitched, and hand-painted. Your first position will be to buy this chair for your prima ballerina.