Friday, August 14, 2009

This colander ain't gonna strain your potatoes... but, you'll be able to see the dirt rinse off those taters with the light washing through your colander pendant lamp! The options for use are endless.

Hang it over your sink!

Hang it in your bathroom!
Hang it in your laundry room!
Hang it over your craft table!

Buy at Etsy!

Wooden Mulit-Purpose Bowls (set of 4)

This set of 4 beautiful wooden bowls are made by "Tree Spirit". They can hold salad, buttons, loose change, keys, candy, anything you can imagine! Buy at Etsy!

Sailor's Vase

Imagine a sailor on the seas using this vessel to contain his cartography tools to record the happenings on the ship. Now, you can use it to display beautiful flowers, hold your paint brushes, scissors, pens, and rulers! Very handsome gift idea for the gentleman in your life. Buy at Etsy!

Summerland Style

Yet again Etsy has brought more awesomeness to our lives. After looking for a sofa for our home and finding a really beautiful one made by Summerland Style, I connected with it's creator and discovered their awesome website. So, please check it out!