Thursday, May 17, 2012

purpose{petite} - the dryer sheet : RePurposed


the dryer sheet : repurposed

Original Purpose for Dryer Sheet : Deodorize clothes & prevent static
 New Purpose for Dryer Sheet : Deodorize shoes, cars, couches, gym bags, & more!
I love TOMS Shoes, but I have a confession to make, they get REALLY smelly!  I've tried baby powder, shoe spray, I even put them in the washing machine, but nothing lasted.  Then, one day I had the bright idea to stick a couple of dryer sheets in the shoes!
To my surprise, it worked!  Now, I keep a few dryer sheets in the closet & when I take my most comfortable (& stinky) shoes off, I throw some sheets of good smelling, odor grabbers & voila!  No more smelliness!

BELOW is a picture of our entryway.  This is the bookshelf we use to organize back packs, rain jackets, mail, keys, & shoes.  It has been a lifesaver in the clutter department, but I couldn't figure out what smelled stinky when we came in the house.  We try our best to keep our house clean, but for the life of me I couldn't figure it out.  Finally, one day I realized, DUH!  We have two shelves of kid shoes right when you walk through the front door!  Yuck!  The dryer sheets had been working with the shoes in my closet so I stuck a few sheets in hiding spots in the bookshelf & the problem has been solved!

Can you figure out where they're hiding?  I bet you can't!
We now have dryer sheets hiding all over the house & car.  They aren't as dangerous or overpowering as candles & last longer than sprays.  You could even reuse your OLD dryer sheets to do the same thing, but I'd suggest adding a few extra since they're not as potent after being in the dryer. 

Have another idea for dryer sheets?  Let me know! 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

*NEW* Feature - purpose{petite}

It's been busy around here in the Mojock house {as usual}!  We're refocusing on Chris's PhD program which means our schedule is changing... again.  We're renaming him "Dr. Mojock" ASAP!  It's great news & means that Purpose ReDesign will be getting more attention.  Yay!  Did you miss us?  We missed you!
We have a new feature we're working on hoping it fills the gaps between larger projects at PRDS.  "purpose{petite}" is our new feature page focusing on simple, easy tips & tricks we've discovered in our ReDesigning adventures.  
 In our lives, simplicity is key & we cherish our time off.  Anything to make daily events easier are very welcome!  Some of these ideas we've found on Pinterest or other blogs & many more of them will be from our own noggins.  We welcome ideas from our readers & would love to share your ideas with the world. So, here it is.  Let us know what you think...


Our premier post for purpose{petite} is perfect.  Nice alliteration, ay?  It's short, it's sweet, & it has made my heart race a little bit with it's practicality.  You like it?  Pin It!

"The Wet Wall"
 Have wet swim suits, wet cycling bibs {Chris}, hanging beach towels?  We seem to only use our guest shower for hanging wet items.  The girls take baths in it, but the shower is saved for guests & laundry.  Now, we can still use it & don't have to see the mess! 

This project is so easy it's sick.  Just for kicks I'm going to list the steps...
1. Buy a curtain rod from your favorite home store.
2. Buy curtain rings that you'd use to hang your curtain {we had old ones already so, SCORE!}
3. Install the rod far enough from the back of the shower to keep the wet items from sticking to the wall, but close enough to not be in the way when taking a shower {2-3 inches}.
4. Hang wet items, close the curtain & let the air do the work!
5. Best part - The water will drip INTO the tub instead of the SIDE of the tub!  No more mold!

How easy is this?

No more messy bathtubs or clothes hanging over the curtain!
You're welcome.