Thursday, May 17, 2012

purpose{petite} - the dryer sheet : RePurposed


the dryer sheet : repurposed

Original Purpose for Dryer Sheet : Deodorize clothes & prevent static
 New Purpose for Dryer Sheet : Deodorize shoes, cars, couches, gym bags, & more!
I love TOMS Shoes, but I have a confession to make, they get REALLY smelly!  I've tried baby powder, shoe spray, I even put them in the washing machine, but nothing lasted.  Then, one day I had the bright idea to stick a couple of dryer sheets in the shoes!
To my surprise, it worked!  Now, I keep a few dryer sheets in the closet & when I take my most comfortable (& stinky) shoes off, I throw some sheets of good smelling, odor grabbers & voila!  No more smelliness!

BELOW is a picture of our entryway.  This is the bookshelf we use to organize back packs, rain jackets, mail, keys, & shoes.  It has been a lifesaver in the clutter department, but I couldn't figure out what smelled stinky when we came in the house.  We try our best to keep our house clean, but for the life of me I couldn't figure it out.  Finally, one day I realized, DUH!  We have two shelves of kid shoes right when you walk through the front door!  Yuck!  The dryer sheets had been working with the shoes in my closet so I stuck a few sheets in hiding spots in the bookshelf & the problem has been solved!

Can you figure out where they're hiding?  I bet you can't!
We now have dryer sheets hiding all over the house & car.  They aren't as dangerous or overpowering as candles & last longer than sprays.  You could even reuse your OLD dryer sheets to do the same thing, but I'd suggest adding a few extra since they're not as potent after being in the dryer. 

Have another idea for dryer sheets?  Let me know! 

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  1. I keep them in my closet, also they are good for a mosquito repellent and keeping nats away. I never thought about putting them in my shoes. I will put this to use. Thanks!